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Ka is an exclusive “Organic Vegetarian Restaurant” launched during April’2016.

It is a part of an innovative Green Concept, conceived by the M/s.VenKson.

The Concept starts from Farm& ends in Farm, involving promotion of Self-Sustainable Farming practices that are free from Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticidesand Preservatives.

The Brand Ka is a legal entity of VenKson and entrusted under the care of an individual Proprietor Concern “Green Enterprises” under VenKson’s Entrepreneur Development Program.

The Restaurant

It is a medium-sized 22 Seater restaurant located in the trendy neighborhood, off Elliot Beach, in Besant Nagar one of the prime landmarks of Chennai. Our emphasis will be on organic and creative ethnic food and the emphasis on organic ingredients is based on KA’s commitment to sustainable development.

The food here is cooked with a complete range of organic ingredients supplied by VenKson and majority of these are procured directly from Farmers, the rest from certified brands.

The Mission

The restaurant envisions introducing Food with high nutritive value without losing the authentic taste and emphasis the need of quality ingredients to achieve it. It also stresses the fact that “Good Food” is the basic Right of every being.

The mission of Ka is to spread the message of Good Health through Good Food that indirectly support up-keeping of the environment by creating an eco-friendly atmosphere.

We Cook what you order

We don’t reheat food. The dishes we serve you are freshly prepared only upon receiving your orders. Enjoy the ambience and chit chat for 20minutes and your food will be served HOT!!